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Can you eat yourself happy and healthy?

The Natural Health Hub in Lymington is a one-stop-shop to give your body and mind a good ol' detox. With that in mind, we sent Muddy's Robyn to give her eating habits a scientific overhaul.

It’s so easy to sleep-walk through life, not giving a second thought to that dessert you tucked into or that extra glass (errr bottle…?) of vino you’ve had after a rough day.

However, health and diet are intrinsically linked and while it can be a bit boring (I’m looking at you kale!) to eat well, even small changes to our diet can make a huge difference to both our body and our mindset.

So, in the interest of eating ourselves to #peakhealthgoals, Muddy’s Robyn gave naturopathic nutrition and hair analysis a whirl.


Rhi Hepple

Rhi Hepple

Rhi Hepple, who operates from The Natural Health Hub in Lymington, has a lot of strings to her bow including naturopathic nutrition, reflexology, Reiki and hair analysis testing. Add to that she used to run the marketing for Urban Retreat at Harrods, has advised the glossies with all things health and beauty, Rhi certainly knows her stuff when it comes to health.

At our initial consultation, Rhi immediately put me at ease. You often go into these things with a bit of trepidation about being honest but her manner was so calming I found myself admitting to all the little ‘naughty’ things we gatekeep when discussing our health. The 45-minute session was a good chance to chat about lifestyle, what I do well and areas of my life and diet I can improve on.

natural health hubAs a normal nearly 50-year-old busy working mum of two, I spend my life running around after people. My multi-hyphen role is a sort of taxi driver/cook/housekeeper/mum/wife – the usual daily stresses.  And, while I didn’t go in having any issues or symptoms per se, I knew there were a few bits and pieces in my life that I could be doing better. 

Now comes the science! Rhi took some hair from the back of my head and sent it off for analysis. Hair contains an energetic pattern of the body’s state of health. By analysing the energy field contained in the hair sample, the test can indicate underlying problem areas of your life and diet which you may not be aware of, as well as those which are already familiar. 

Healthy food with cherries avocado egg After a two week wait, the results came back and told me what nutrients I was deficient in, what foods I was sensitive to (not allergic), foods to completely avoid and which foods to minimise. 

Rhi sat with me and went through all the details, helping me to understand my own gut health, digestive system and the bits of my body need a bit more love and attention (sorry kidneys. I promise to drink more water!)

As I don’t eat fast food or anything processed and considered myself to be pretty knowledgable of diet and my body, I went in thinking I was quite healthy, if a tad frazzled from daily life. 

The results were impressive and rather surprising. Despite not being a loyalty cardholder at McDonald’s I was told I could make some simple changes to my diet that would make a big difference to my life. Switching up chips for protein-rich cheese, chicken and water-packed cucumber, would get me feeling lighter, brighter and full of energy.  Oh, I was also told to lay off the ‘teatime’ wine as this comes up as very ‘sugar’ based and shows in your analysis. Oops!


I would totally recommend this to everyone – even if you are fit and healthy. We sometimes forget what we are putting into our bodies and while we may eat things with the best of intentions, those extra sugars and hidden fats that creep in can wreak havoc with us. With just some tiny changes you can instantly improve your sleep, hormone balance and general day-to-day life. 

The other thing I absolutely loved is you don’t get your results and then feel obligated to buy super-magical superfood supplements or ditch all our favourite foods in favour of celery juice. Instead, I came out with some Vitamin B supplements, some probiotics and a lot more awareness of what I’m putting into my system. Even if a lot of the information given was things I knew I should be doing, the authority of someone showing you actual science-based results really puts it all into context and gives you the drive to make changes.

Following Rhi’s advice, I’m feeling a lot more energetic and while that evening wine is still proving tricky, I’m certainly thinking twice before I pour myself a glass.

££:  For a full initial consultation, hair testing and follow up appointment the cost is £130, with additional appointments for £65. It also includes a full Treatment Plan and email support from Rhi between appointments.

The Natural Health Hub, 87 High St, Lymington SO41 9AN. Tel: 01590 670955


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