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It’s Mother’s Day: Make for The Hills

So Mother’s Day looms once more, and you know what Muddies? You can forget the posh lunches and the spa breaks (let’s save them for next week!). No Siree, this year I’m bustin’ for the hills. I’m going to escape into my own headspace, physically and metaphorically, get my crafty juices a flowin’ and learn something new, blissfully free from interruptions, because you know what?  Losing yourself in creativity is energising — a wonderful break from the acheingly mundane reality that is caring: the ferrying, the feeding, the sibling fighting.

If it’s wine I want, then forget Co-Op bin-ends, I’m going to learn to appreciate it; to make it even. Ditto the posh lunch, there is more to cooking than kids’ teas. I’m going to write my heart out at a poetry slam, work a pottery-wheel, air-dry salami, paint watercolours in the glorious Spring sunshine, and be the trapeze artist that I always wanted to be.

Believe me, mums need a break, but they rarely get it stymied by guilt and careers and housework the bottomless pit that is the laundry pile, the endless loading and re-loading of the dishwasher, homework, admin, work emails bleeding into the weekend. 

It never ends, it never will. So I say, fudge it, let’s dump this fifties housewife pretence at perfection, this nineties ‘I can and must do it all’ nonsense, and zoom off into the horizon, just for one day. Ride that chrome and steel with your long blond hair flying in the wind (not a Neil Young fan? Here’s that anthem to old-school motherhood ‘Unknown Legend’) and find what fills you with energy and zeal: from crocheting to gin-cocktails there are possibilities, and they are endless.

As I write, I have a niggling feeling that this all sounds terribly exclusive. You might not have children but care for an elderly relative, or husband. The fact is, that caring generally falls to us women so really Mother’s Day should be replaced with Carer’s Day, when everyone who spends their days (and nights) thinking about others is given time to stoke their creative fire and rocket-fuel their passion.  Click here for Hampshire’s top creative courses, then book yourself in — no guilt allowed.

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