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Muddy says: Rhona Everard is the saviour for many a weekend dinner party and mid-week freezer. Think uber-scrumptious home cooked meals with zero hassle — and yes, that does mean no washing-up.

As much as we would LOVE to be that person that has a hand-prepared, freshly cooked meal for our family each night, there are quite simply not enough hours in the day. And if you’re sat there facing another call to the Chinese or thinking about whacking a ready-meal into the oven, it may seem like an impossible task… but, dear reader, we have the solution.
Enter the fabulous Rhona from Thyme. Rhona is, essentially, an extra pair of hands to get fantastic, well-made home cooking into your home, oven and tummy. She will fill your freezer with her homemade wares that can be popped into the oven that will not only win you adoring gazes from all members of the family but a smug satisfaction you know what’s going into your kids (everything is local, carefully sourced and cooked to order) at mealtimes. Begone fishfinger surprise!
As well as sorting out the general day-to-day dinner dealings, Rhona can also whip up a storm for an event or party you’re holding. We’re talking good, honest grub you’d be proud to share with friends and family – be it for a dinner party or small family gathering. And it’s not just savouries, no, no, no. Rhona can outbake the best of them and even provide some stunning puds to wow your guests.

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