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Pimp My Pancake

Saucepans at the ready — Shrove Tuesday beckons, time for one last hurrah before we behave ourselves during lent (*cough* except for my birthday, and my husband’s… not forgetting the dog). Pimp your pancakes with these naughty twists on the fillings we know and love.


1/ Lime with chilli-infused warm maple syrup and dark chocolate shavings

(To replace… lemon and sugar)

  • Infuse dried chilli flakes in maple syrup over a very low heat (taking care not to burn the syrup).
  • Drizzle over the pancake, then squeeze the lime juice and then grate shavings of dark chocolate.


2/ Chanterelles sautéed with vodka and dill

(To replace… creamy mushroom)

  • Gently sauté the chanterelles in butter.
  • Add a good slurp of vodka, the mushrooms’ deepest flavours are alcohol soluble, in case you needed an excuse!
  • Reduce the mushroom and vodka mixture and pour in the centre of your pancake. Sprinkle on fresh dill and fold.


3/ Rum and warm dark chocolate spread with banana and cinnamon sugar

(To replace… banana and Nutella)

  • Buy the very best quality dark chocolate sandwich spread and rum that you can find.
  • Gently warm the spread, taking care not to let it burn.
  • Add a good splash of rum.
  • Arrange chopped bananas on the pancake, pour over the warm rum and chocolate mixture and grate over cinnamon.


4/ Jamón Serrano with Manchego and smoked paprika

(To replace… ham and cheese)

  • Cut thin slices of Serrano.
  • Grate over the Manchego cheese and pop under the grill.
  • Sprinkle over vibrant, red smoked paprika.
  • Devour!

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