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£500 Wardrobe Update!

9 Mar 2017

Bored to the back teeth of jeans and huge jumpers? Yup, us too. Which is why we’re thrilled to announce a brand new competition to reboot your wardrobe for Spring. Fancy a whopping £500 gift voucher to spend at chic, elegant womenswear brand Winser London? Of course you do. Not only will they kit you out beautifully, they’ll show you how to wear your new goodies too – the prize also includes, should you fancy it, an afternoon of personal styling at either the Marlow or Gerrard’s Cross boutique, complete with a celebratory glass of fizz.

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Snoopers Bazaar Interiors: Cool, Quirky, Unmissable

8 Mar 2017

A clean, chic, airy space filled with glorious French, antique and industrial furniture and gifts — all warm wood, sheepskin and stars.

Whether you want a quiet browse or the thrill of the chase, Snoopers Bazaar is for you. Two separate creative friends of mine, both with a great eye, told me I had to go. So, armed with my trusty camera, I scooted down; an hour later, they had to drag me out so desperate was I for just one more shot.

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Austen and Keats’ Favourite Bookseller?

28 Feb 2017

Like a wood-pannelled, Edwardian curiosity shop, the UK’s oldest booksellers P&G Wells hides in the higgledy streets of Winchester’s Kingsgate village.

This quiet Cathedral of the mind has tended to the intellect and imagination of the city’s great, good (and let’s hope slightly wicked) people for over 250 years: it is one of Wykham’s very best kept secrets. The children’s section is particularly special — more on this later.

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1 Feb 2017

Tweed begone, there’s a New Kid on the Stockbridge Block (yup me too, the first album I ever bought). Hero gives a fresh, urban edge to this tiny market town. It is true that Chelsea-by-the-Test has always had a buzz, but in a shooting, fishing, “pull on the red cords and jump in my Range Rover,” kind of way.  Nothing wrong with that, but if all those draughty Country Houses — OK, hours in front of Downton — get too much then this independent boutique is the warm antidote; drenched in natural-light and not a stuffed antelope in sight.

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No. 1 George St

28 Jan 2017

Nose to the ground for my Muddy readers, I first discovered No. 1 George Street just before Christmas on a work reccy (ahem, I may also have had my hair done at the nearby Twist, but Mr Muddy Hants need not know of this).

What a find and why had I never heard of it before? Only opening in November, it is still under-the-radar but not for much longer.

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Hampshire Edition