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How To Do London Fashion Week (if you’re not Anna Wintour)

11 Feb 2017

London Fashion Week used to be a case of ‘if your name’s not down, you’re not coming in’ but these days the biannual round of fashion shows are a much more democratic affair. While you’re still unlikely to find yourself snuggled up front row next to the editor of French Vogue (wearing sunglasses indoors and a ‘whatever’ expression mandatory), there are plenty of other ways to get involved. With the AW17 collections being showcased in the capital from 17-21 February, Muddy’s Kerry Potter – a glossy mag journo escapee and veteran LFW attendee – has some ideas for soaking up the fashion vibes, even if your FROW ticket got (*cough*) lost in the post.

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1 Feb 2017

Tweed begone, there’s a New Kid on the Stockbridge Block (yup me too, the first album I ever bought). Hero gives a fresh, urban edge to this tiny market town. It is true that Chelsea-by-the-Test has always had a buzz, but in a shooting, fishing, “pull on the red cords and jump in my Range Rover,” kind of way.  Nothing wrong with that, but if all those draughty Country Houses — OK, hours in front of Downton — get too much then this independent boutique is the warm antidote; drenched in natural-light and not a stuffed antelope in sight.

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4 Ways to Rock the School Run

16 Jan 2017

Do you remember last year’s media kerfuffle over the Head Mistress who banned parents from jammie-wearing at drop-off? Clearly a slow news day. I do see her point though — no-one wants their mum parading her snoopy PJs at the school gate BUT, but… the idea of slipping into an easy, Pyjama-esque outfit during the morning rush is much more appealing than that staple since the early noughties: the badly-fitted, low slung skinny jean.

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