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Snoopers Bazaar Interiors: Cool, Quirky, Unmissable

8 Mar 2017

A clean, chic, airy space filled with glorious French, antique and industrial furniture and gifts — all warm wood, sheepskin and stars.

Whether you want a quiet browse or the thrill of the chase, Snoopers Bazaar is for you. Two separate creative friends of mine, both with a great eye, told me I had to go. So, armed with my trusty camera, I scooted down; an hour later, they had to drag me out so desperate was I for just one more shot. Honestly, the place is Instagram heaven, crammed with quirk and interest.

When you pull into the charming, shabby-round-the-edges workshops you’d be hard pressed to guess what lies within. The exterior reminds me of a Parisian, Quartier Latin antiques market: fiercely individual, a dazzling antidote to nearby Andover’s bland out-of-town shopping behemoths. There’s parking just outside and we are in easily accessible Weyhill, just off the A303.

Inside we’re talking Scandi, mid-century, French country… yes, all those interior cliches but also easy fun, play and warmth: a relaxed cafe with the bearded hipsters, the new mums but most treasured of all the elderly regulars. We’re about as far from Mayfair, 5* greige as it is possible to be. Amen to that.

As befits a true bazaar, snooping visitors might uncover anything and everything from Jacobean wardrobes to mid-century chairs, graphic seventies kitchenware to patterned door knobs, plus church benches, industrial stools, lamps, mirrors and oak chopping boards. Much of the furniture is up-cycled, owner Natalie’s husband Terry has a workshop next door and will adjust pieces for you. When I was visiting a shepherd’s hut was taking shape.

I love this place. You must visit and mention Muddy Hants when you do. If you’re after coffee and brunch pop to Rosebourne afterwards for a well-stocked farm shop and gardening bits.

Snoopers Bazaar, Weyhill Farm, Weyhill, Andover, Hants, SP11 8DE, 01264 771300.

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Hampshire Edition